Gail Masson-Romano


Drone Aerial Videos

From a recent publication...

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DRONE Technology & Aerial Video Marketing

Gail Masson-Romano, Broker-Owner of RE/MAX Ridge Real Estate, is a strong proponent of aerial video marketing for the real estate industry.

“Now, more than ever, camera-ready DRONES or SUAVs (Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are transforming the way we market and sell our properties.”

Gail emphasizes, “Our specialty is IMPACT TO CONTRACTTMmarketing!

“We understand that almost all prospective buyers begin their property search online. This is the reason we emphasize professional-level wide-angle still and video photography.   This is the reason we disseminate our listings so widely on the Internet.

Now we've added aerial videos to showcase some of our homes to capture unique angles and to highlight architectural attributes otherwise unappreciated. These dramatic “satellite” shots also bring to light adjacent amenities, nearby natural settings and, when available, dramatic distant views.”

“Some properties will naturally benefit from aerial photography more than others. The decision on whether or not to implement the technology is based on a property’s characteristics, in consultation with the homeowner and our professional aerial photographer.”

“I know this technology works for my clients. Our success in selling homes that enjoy the aerial advantage is overwhelming.”



39 Ramseyburg Road from RE/MAX RIDGE on Vimeo.